The other night a friend mentioned that he admired my “advent thing.” Flattery or not, it was a nice compliment. And in response I believe I snorted.  Which looking back may not have been the best thing to do, and may have come off as rude, but what I was really thinking at the time was something like “you have no idea.”

Because I kind of suck at keeping up with whatever “it” is and whatever you want to call it–daily devotions, quiet time, studying scripture.  Regardless of the name, I’ve always been haphazard and flaky and always have the best of intentions, and well…you know the rest.

Enter #shereadstruth.  I’ve tried a bunch of times to explain what it is to friends…and I’ve never come up with anything very succinct.  It’s a website and a YouVersion reading plan.  And a Twitter hashtag.  And a group of women using Instagram.  It’s a weekly memory verse lock screen for your iPhone. It’s a journal so pretty you want to write in it.  The site itself might sum it up best–“We are women reading His truth together.”  So basically, it’s a group of women reading the Bible together, and doing it in community through social media.

Because let’s be honest, I’ve never been very good at the whole “accountability” thing.  My nature is pretty much to do the opposite when people try to tell me what to do, and asking me questions has about the same effect.  But there has been something powerful for me about the community of #shereadstruth.  There’s nothing pushy, you join in as you want to.  And yet, thinking about what I might post or share has been motivating.  Sure it’d be nice to be motivated by just spending time with God, but, well, I’d be dishonest to say that’s always how I feel.

So while I might snort at compliments about spirituality and plan to do the day’s reading so that I can post pretty pictures on Instagram, at least #shereadstruth has been a gentle shove in the right direction.  And for that I am thankful.


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  1. Zealousidler

    Well your photos inspired this lapsed Episcopalian to check it out, so thanks!

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