Silhouette Birthday Box

It’s my friend Jenni’s birthday this week, and since she just got an iPad for her classroom, I wanted to give her an iTunes gift card.  But a gift card is kinda boring.  I thought I could cutesy it up a bit.  The Silhouette store had a sale with 1/2 price shapes, so I picked up a couple of gift card holders.  One was this Happy Birthday Gift Card Box.  I wasn’t sure how easy or difficult it would be to do a box with all the parts that have to be folded and glued, but it actually wasn’t hard.

I first thought I would make it with printed paper.  I knew cardstock would be sturdier, but this paper is so pretty!  Alas, it didn’t really work.  
I’m not sure exactly why this happened…but the “Happy Birthday” cutout was ruined. I was using a mat that had some paper scraps/residue on it.  After it was done cutting I checked the blade and there was some paper around it, but that could have been from this paper.  So I scrapped it and decided to try cardstock on a new cutting mat.

The cardstock was better.  The shape has 3 pieces–the outer box, and inner card holder, and a top lid that has the “Happy Birthday” cut out.  The printed paper (above) card holder was actually okay, so I kept that, and cut out the bottom box and the lid out of cardstock.


The shape is kind of nice because it cuts the wording out, but only scores the folds.  So the box actually seems decently sturdy (for a paper box) when you fold it.  I first started taping the box together, but it looked messy.  Instead I found some glue dots, and they basically disappeared as I put it together.

The inside card holder fit easily into the box, and fit my gift card perfectly.  I like that it’s lower than the top of the box, but still makes the gift card look kind of important.  You can see in the picture it has 2 tabs on either side (near the circles) to hold the gift card.



Overall, I love it!  I’d like to try it again with paper and see if I can get that to work, but even with cardstock it turned out pretty well.  Definitely a step up over a plain gift card in an envelope.



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