My church small group is currently working through some of Donald Miller’s Storyline materials. And some of it makes a lot of sense to me, and some not so much.  In a lot of ways I think Donald Miller just wants to lay his chosen profession, writing, over our life stories and make the overlay fit.  Which in some ways it does, and in others it doesn’t, in my opinion.  It’s a topic for another post, but Richard Mouw’s Calvinism in the Las Vegas airport speaks a lot why I think the way I do about it.

But that’s not my point tonight.  At small group tonight, we started inching toward naming a theme in our lives.  And my facial expression gave away my skepticism on this point–that it is presumptuous for us to declare a theme for our lives.  I’m not sure the theme of our lives is ours to write.  But of course, being a former English teacher, I believe in themes.  Universal themes.  Maybe not one grand theme for our whole lives, but there are threads, strands.  I’m not sure I think we can (or should?) identify them looking forward, but certainly looking back.

Which brings me to the reason I am posting tonight…In the midst of some really crappy stuff, and just asking God to be present and show me where some of it is leading, He’s shown up lately in the strangest of places.  When I don’t expect it, but I really need it.  Tonight, after a long frustrating day and probably saying too much at small group, He showed up on Twitter, through my SLP friends.  Giving me exactly what I need, though I’m not sure any of them had any idea.  And maybe right now the important thing is just to recognize it…to see God’s hand in the every day, the faithfulness.  It should be enough.


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