Do you ever have those moments, when things just come together and click, and it’s bam, this amazing insight or connection or intersection of thoughts?  That was this year’s ASHA convention for me.  And it was exhausting.  It’s an and thing for sure–exhausting and exhilarating.  A friend tonight was joking about “how many Fridays” I got last week being there, but that’s not exactly accurate.

Yes, it was super fun, and yes, I got to hear Maya Angelou speak.  And yes, I got to hang out with the #slpeeps, who in the past year have become an amazing professional learning community for me, but in addition to that, mentally I worked really, really hard.  I know lots of people skip parts of conferences to go sight seeing.  And I don’t blame them….but I’m too nerdy for that.  I want to drink it all in…go to every session (at least the good ones).  And I did.  I didn’t sleep most of the week because I just had too many thoughts and ideas…which is an awesome place to be.

But tonight, the Monday after ASHA12, I am still exhausted.  In a good way.  It certainly wasn’t a week full of Fridays, but it was so worth it.  If you’re interested in all the nerdy details, I wrote a post about the first half of the conference, and another wrapping up my thoughts on it over on my professional blog.

Oh, and that whole November thanks thing I’m way behind on?  Probably not going to happen…unless I can just say that for the past week I am thankful for ASHA and the #slpeeps.

A bunch of the #slpeeps


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