Another Silhouette Project

I am amazed at how much I am loving my Silhouette.  I had my Cricut for a few years but never really learned how to use it, and after a month or so I’m all over my Silhouette.  I think the biggest difference for me is I can do everything for my Silhouette on my computer–lay it all out, see changes, etc.  That never quite worked for me.

And lately I’ve been making homemade art to hang on the walls.  Don’t get me wrong, I love real art too, and have a few pieces I love, but it’s expensive.  And what if my tastes change?  I love that I can do little projects like this inexpensively.

What I made tonight is basically a Bible verse (in this case Psalm 27:14), cut it out of adhesive cardstock, and stuck it on a piece of paper and in a frame.

The first challenge was I wanted my letters to be cut out together in words…the thought of picking each individual letter out and placing on the paper was tedious.  I knew there was a weld tool in the Silhouette Studio, but I wasn’t sure how to use it.  So, I found this tutorial, and with some letter spacing changes, got most of my words to come out in one piece:

Then basically I picked off the letters from the backing, and used a tape measure to make them semi-straight I’m not really picky about that kind of stuff.  If I were, I would never do crafts!

Then, a trip to Hobby Lobby.  I still hate going there, but they have these cute frames…I think this is my third from the same series/look.

And voila.  I am actually surprised how much I love this.  It looks much less…homemade…than some projects I’ve done.


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