I’m not really a perfectionist, but I like to do things well.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing excellently.  And so I’m panicking a bit about running my first hearing screenings tomorrow, and decided it would be a good exercise to think about what I am currently thankful for, instead of focusing on the fear.  So, as of today, here’s a list.  I’d say the list, but I couldn’t possibly list everything:

  • Safe spaces.  Places where I know I can just be myself without judgment or censor.  Acceptance.
  • Old friends.  I had dinner with old friends on Saturday, and it was so good.  The kind of people who could probably list out your flaws and all the things that bug them about you since you’ve known them forever, but also the kind of people who choose not to and love you for who you are and you can say anything to and they’ll get it.  They might not agree, but they’ll understand.
  • Working with awesome people.  My boss has put up with somewhere around six million questions, and has been not only patient and helpful, but encouraging.  My colleagues are much the same, and I absolutely love the organization I work for.
  • The kids I work with.  Sure, some of them are a pain.  But overall, they bring me immeasurable joy.  They make me laugh, and forget myself, and also in some cases realize how much I do have to be thankful for, and how much I have to give.
  • A day off.  We didn’t have school today, and it was great.  It was mostly running errands, but it felt great to sleep in, get a scone at my favorite bakery, and have lunch with a great friend.
  • Books.  I have been immersed in words lately and love it.  There are so many good things to read.
  • My drive.  It might be an introvert thing, but I love my 45 minute commute.  I listen to music, podcasts, and sometimes just silence.  I get to see the sunrise and process my day and think about things.  It’s great.

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