Cutting the Cord. Again.

I did it.  I canceled cable, again.  And it feels pretty good so far.

Of course, me being me, I didn’t do it without some pretty thorough (obsessive?) thinking, researching, and decision making.  I thought about what I really like to watch, and what my budget looks like with my new job, and decided that the $50 plus a month I was paying for cable just wasn’t worth it.  I can watch most of those same shows other ways and in other places, even if it is a little less convenient.

When I canceled the first time, I still kept the very basic cable–CBS, NBC, etc. since I had tried a few different indoor antennas without any luck. This time, I worked a little harder to find a good alternative for basic stations, since if I was going to do it, I wanted to cancel all the way, and pay nothing for TV.  So I did my research on antenna and to see what I could expect to get, and then an Amazon search for the antenna with the highest review. It had to be indoor (I don’t have outdoor installation skills), easily able to blend into the decor, and actually work.  I found the Leaf, and ordered it.

Turns out, it works awesome. Without it, I get 0 channels.  I’m not sure if it’s because I live in an area with a lot of trees, but reception is poor.  When I canceled the first time, I had bought (and returned) probably 4 or 5 antennas from Best Buy, and still maybe got 3-4 channels.  I have 10 with the Leaf.

So yesterday I called the cable company, and now PBS and I are becoming fast friends.  I watched Broadway or Bust tonight, and realized a PBS reality show might be an even better fix than what I used to watch.


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  1. archangel66

    Very nice. I am on 10 years without cable. Totally not worth it.

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