Menu Board

A few friends have asked for a tutorial on a menu board I posted on Facebook to solicit opinions.  Which I kind of find hilarious.  I love doing arts and crafts, but I’m not like…detailed.  Or precise.  So when I make people things, the first thing they usually ask is “Did you make this?” because it LOOKS like I made it.

The menu board is no different.  But here’s how I did it, in case you want to copy my half-assed, it looks good enough craftiness.  And I didn’t know you wanted to know all this, so I didn’t take pictures during the process…oops.

The first step is to survive a trip to Hobby Lobby.  Seriously, I hate the experience of going there…there are too many people, way too much “cutesy” for my taste, and some of the most disinterested cashiers I’ve ever seen.  But they have some good frames.  Like this one I bought a few weeks back to frame a poster I’d bought on Etsy:


So I pushed my cart past the mom jeans and the screaming children and found another frame from the same line.  I knew I wanted to do something in the green/orange combo family, since that would kinda coordinate with my kitchen.  And the really fun part of the trip–this past week I bought a Silhouette Cameo (can you say Educator Discount??) after selling my Cricut which I had never learned or used, and so I needed paper.  I found some great paper pads with a bunch of different designs, all half off.  I took deep breaths while I stood in line behind multiple people returning 500 individual votive candle holders, and headed home.  Okay, that didn’t really happen, but that’s what it always feels like when I check out of Hobby Lobby.

When I got home, I found the orange-ish piece of paper, and trimmed it to fit the opening of the frame.  Easy peasy.  Then I started working on designing the letters with the Silhouette software.  Designing it was actually really easy.  It lets me use any font on my computer, and I just drew circles behind the letters.  I fiddled around with the controls and finally figured out how to reverse the image.  Which I never would have thought of, but when I was googling around for ideas, I found this post, and realized that they had to be reversed if i was putting them on the inside of the glass.  Which I had debated on.  It could have been easier to just cut out paper letters, or adhesive backed cardstock and stick them on the paper.  But, doing it this way, I can always change out the paper if I get bored with it, and the letters will stay on the glass.

I had a hard time loading the vinyl, and tried to find some tutorials.  No such luck.  So I trialed and errored it, and wasted more vinyl than I would have liked.  I finally got them cut out, and decided I liked the negative space in the letters, and so just picked out the actual letter parts (leaving the circles with the letter “shadows”), and used vinyl transfer paper (this tutorial was helpful) to put them on the inside of the glass.  I assembled it, took a Facebook poll on the embellishments (the answer was yes), and assembled.  I hung it on the side of my refrigerator door with Command picture hanging strips (LOVE them!), and admired the fact that neither the frame itself or the letters inside were really straight.



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