Day 1, Semester 4

Today was the first day of my fourth semester as a graduate student in a speech language pathology program, and it was great. Last semester was…well, horrible. But if today is any indication, this semester is much more promising.

Today I have 2 of my 3 classes, Indian Education and Advanced Language Disorders. The Indian Ed. professor is kind of out there with his teaching style, so that could be interesting. He also isn’t making me do any extra work even though I’m taking the class for graduate credit. He just said he expects me to take a leadership role. That’s it? Done and done.

Advanced Language Disorders also sounds promising–we’re going to cover literacy, adolescent language disorders, and autism spectrum disorders, all things I’m interested in.

Next week I’ll start my Neuromotor Disorders class, and have a meeting about clinic. I’m so happy that I’m actually looking forward to things right now. I hope the interest sticks.


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