This is where I leave you

Last night I went to bed early, 9 PM. It was downpouring, making the living room a few decibels too loud, given the rain on the skylights. Plus, I had a good book. So I stayed up late finishing it, and like any good books simultaneously wanted to read it all the way to the end, but also knew that meant I would soon be finished with it. Tear.

This is where I leave you was a book I don’t really remember picking up, other than that I remember getting the recommendation from NPR books. The thing about the book is that it’s about some incredibly hard stuff (affairs, divorce, infertility), but is done in a way that doesn’t make you want to claw your eyes out (Revolutionary Road style). In fact, I really liked Judd Foxman, the protagonist.

Somehow, Jonathon Tropper lets you really get the gravity of what the characters are facing, but also lighten it up with humor. At times the characters lean toward caricature, but not often enough to really bother me. They do fight a lot, I will say that. Like physically punch each other out.

Anyway, if you need a little relationship drama (who doesn’t?), I would highly recommend it. Or if you want to read about a family sitting shiva.


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