I should be going to bed. Actually, I should be in bed as my alarm is going to go off at 5:45 AM tomorrow, and that is early.But going to bed before it’s completely dark just seems wrong. And, there are some very disturbing items in the Skymall catalog that must be discussed.

1. Sperm ShoesI’m not even really sure what to say about these. Other than why, oh why, do they have a sperm on the side? Seriously, why? Because of sperm’s athletic prowess?

2. Giant Chair
This I just do not understand. It looks so…uncomfortable. The poor man’s feet aren’t even touching the ground.

3. Mermaid Fins

Weirdly awesome, for every girl who ever wanted to be The Little Mermaid. When I first saw them, I thought the girl in the middle was the mom. Which would have been weirder.


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  1. Those are just too awesome. Thanks for the laugh 😀

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