I am officially halfway through my first summer class, after only 8 days of class. In fact, I just finished writing part of the midterm exam. I have to say it feels very strange to be writing a midterm two weeks into the class, like you’re pretending to know things you don’t really know yet.

Only I have learned a lot. More than a lot. In some ways, I can see the wisdom of doing more classes this way. The intensity of it keeps your mind focused on one thing at a time. However, I find that I don’t have any brain space left for other inputs, like music or reading or other people.

It’s my first time taking a class from this particular professor, and although I find her analogies somewhat colorful (and unprofessional….like comparing taking her quizzes to having sex), it makes me realize how much I appreciate good teaching, and how I really want to get back into the classroom, particularly at the college level. I loved teaching a college class!

This weekend I’m heading up to the lake with the fam, and unfortunately have to study while I’m there. The task this weekend is to understand tests of central auditory processing and how they work in the brain, a task that doesn’t come particularly easy to me. I will be reviewing. A lot.


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