Kitty Choir

I meant to blog a long while ago, but then ended up traveling a bit, doing schoolwork a lot in the in between, and just generally being busy.

Over Easter I went to PA with the fam (most of it at least) to see my grandparents and aunt and uncle who live out there. We rented a 15 passenger van (yes, for 5 adults and 2 kiddos). You can’t really accuse my dad of ever under doing anything.

Here’s a video from the weekend. It’s blurry because I took it with my camera, and no one else may even find it funny, but it cracks me up every time I watch it. It’s my 4yo nephew who loves kitties, singing with the “kitty choir.” I missed the beginning of it, but he had just told us the kitties like to sing a song called “Jesus clubhouse,” which is hilarious in itself. It also amuses me to no end that my brother sings along. Or at least lip syncs. What a good dad.


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