Beet Red

I just ran 20 minutes straight and did not die. Okay, to be honest I jogged, slowly. But I did it for 20 minutes! Straight! And did not die!

Which is an accomplishment. I’m on week 5 of the Couch to 5K, and have been dreading the 20 minute run. The run 8 walk 5 run 8 was hard enough, and I was pretty sure starting today that I wouldn’t make it. But somehow the 8 minutes came and I thought I could go for at least 1 or 2 more, and so did, and by that point I thought to myself I’m not letting this beat me, and kept going. Okay, if you were really in my head there may have been a few expletives in that thought, but yeah, I made it.

And now, to show how hard I worked, my face will be beet red for at least a good hour or more. Some people sweat a lot, but not me. Sure I sweat, but mostly my face just turns red. I’ve googled it before, thinking it was just because I was out of shape, but it turns out some people’s blood vessels are just closer to the surface, and having a red face is actually a very efficient cooling mechanism. Who knew?

I think it does scare people at the gym though, since they look at me with glances of concern. I’m pretty sure they think I’m about to have a heart attack and they’re going to the be the ones who have to find the AED. But no, I just turn red. Lucky me.



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2 responses to “Beet Red

  1. Way to go! 20 minutes is quite an accomplishment! Are you going to sign up for any 5k runs at the end of the program?

  2. That's great! And I'm very, very glad to hear that you did not die. 🙂

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