Let’s just speed past the it’s been a while stuff, okay? K.

I’m still not sure about this whole blogging thing as an on-going thing, but I feel like writing tonight. And I do miss writing. Catching up on people via Facebook and Twitter is all fun and good, but really, the blog thing is more about the writing for me. Which I think is part of why I stopped…I’d started to worry too much about what people were thinking.

So for now, I’ll keep writing, and not worry about it.

It does feel odd, to be doing this again after a few months away. What to talk about…how about some randomness. It feels appropriate. First, I heard a kid at school the other day talking about how Tiger Woods was his idol. Good for you, college kid. Let’s see….what else…I got out of town this weekend, and despite crappy winter driving, it was great to be away.

That’s about it, maybe I didn’t feel like writing as much as I thought I did.



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  1. I suck at commenting on blogs anymore, but I'm totally still reading and care about the minute details of your life. If that helps inspire you (ha ha, yeah right.)

  2. I've missed you Bridget!

  3. Yes! Write. I will read it!

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