I just got home from a class at the gym, and it kicked my butt. But, I went with friends, and it’s always better to get your butt kicked with friends rather than by yourself. And, of course, now that I’ve worked out I’m going to watch Top Chef.

After I study…sigh.

I can’t say I have much to say today, but I want to write more for fun again. For work I’m writing about 10 hours a week, but writing about hotels in Mankato or hunting in South Dakota isn’t all that fun. Well, sometimes, when I get to blog about things like the zombie prom or the roller derby girls.

But not usually.

Still waiting on the grad. school news too. I met with my advisor this week, and learned that all may not go as planned, due to scheduling conflicts. But, once there’s a problem my brain kind of goes into overload trying to find a solution. So I basically don’t remember anything from class on Wednesday, but have a number of options to solve the problems.

We shall see.

Does anyone else get a beet red face when you work out? My face is easily the shade of a tomato after working out, even back when I was in shape (that one time, a long time ago). I understand that it’s blood vessels near the surface of your skin trying to cool you off, but why doesn’t everyone turn red? Why are only some of us subject to this visual indicator of having sweat profusely?

Such is life, I guess.


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