Oh, whatever…

Hmm, yes, forever again. Well….well. There’s not much to say about that that’s interesting, is there?

And not even much for last week. Well, actually, here’s a quick rundown of the last few weeks: lake weekend, car problems, sickness, more car problems. I am plagued.

Then there was Halloween weekend, and a mighty entertaining weekend it was. Halloween night started off watching the zombies walk the streets of downtown SF, and concluded with a stranger joining a friend and I, to tell us about his Lebanese girlfriend and how his Aryan friends wouldn’t approve…hmm.

There was also a glorious Halloween-themed SD symphony concert, most excellent it was.

And now there is this week…a week for making up for when I was sick last week. Which means projects, work, driving, class, running running running. In a good way. It feels great to have the energy to really work at stuff and accomplish things. Though it does make it hard to slow down. I sat in one of my classes this morning thinking “um, I don’t really have time for this…I have stuff to do.”

It shall all be done. It will get done.

Two last thoughts–not sure why, but this weekend inspired immense gratefulness. Life is good.

and, last but not least, I should be hearing about graduate school very soon. and there shall be much rejoicing. (we hope)

that is all.


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