Tiny Cat Pants

I’m tired. Mostly because I didn’t sleep much last night (hello, insomnia), but also because it was the first week of school. Did you hear me, the first week of school!!! I loved it. Mostly. Except the one class I dropped. But that’s neither here nor there, because I love school. My classes are really interesting. I think I can say that authoritatively, since I’ve studied pretty much everything at least once already.

But I’m still interested, so that’s good, right? And it feels awesome for the professors to know your name, and not have to look quizzically around the room when they call roll. I even know some students this semester, and don’t feel like I stand out so much. And I have new Snack Taxis to take my lunch in, and that makes me happy. Just saying snack taxi makes me happy.

One thing that doesn’t make me happy is being confused on my homework. Randomly, does anyone know how many sounds are in the word “singer”? I can’t tell if the “i” sound and the “ng” sound are one or two…maybe two? I’ll find out next week when I turn in that homework, unless you want to comment.

I also took the kitties to the vet this week. Princess Pantaloons was none too happy about it, as evidenced by her nearly biting the hand off of the vet tech. Sorry, vet tech. This was like serious cat meanness…she gets herself so worked up I’m afraid she’ll give herself a heart attack. And I found out that Cow weighs 20.2 pounds. Ugh. The vet said that although she’s big boned, she must lose weight, so now she’s on a prescription diet, and I have to feed them separately. (Princess Pantaloons has maintained her slender figure since I got her).

But here’s the thing…the cats aren’t really catching on very quickly that the food will be there for a short period of time, then gone. It used to be I’d give them 1/4 cup twice a day, but I’d leave it out, so they could eat it when they felt like it. Now, they have to eat it within the 1/2 hour or 45 minutes it’s out, or go without. You’d think they’d catch on to eating it all when it’s out, but not yet…

I think that’s all the nerdy student and crazy cat lady news I have tonight. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “Tiny Cat Pants

  1. My guess would be two for 'ing'. You'll have to report back on the official answer 🙂

  2. You are correct, Donna. 🙂 It's two.

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