Oh dear blog…how I have neglected thee. No longer. At least not today.

School is inching closer, but slowly. I am an uber-school-nerd, and can’t wait to start. I already have the essentials (favorite pen, cute pencil case, tums) in my backpack, and an extra supply of loose leaf paper.

I had a gift card to Target and purchased a small thermos food jar for my lunch, and late last year purchased some Snack Taxis, so lunches should be good to go. And my night class just got moved a half hour earlier, so I will only be gone for 13 1/2 hours on Mondays instead of 14 hours. Life is good.

Also good, is the fact that I get to keep my kick-ass summer job through December at least, for 10 hours a week. Sweet! I love it because it’s super-flexible, and the work is really fun. I should pick up something else as well, and I’m thinking subbing, since it’s so flexible. The downside is that I know how kids treat subs, so eh…it would make for some good funny kid stories though, some fodder for the blog.

In topics I just can’t seem to leave, I’ve cancelled my cable. I like it so far, though I’m only about 24 hours in. I’ve found pretty much everything I want to watch on the internet, and so far have only had to pay for one thing (Top Chef). So it’s not like I’m tv-less, or show-less. Just cable tv payment less. For the first time ever. Well, I guess I didn’t pay for it as a child, but I’ve always had it. Until now.

By cancelling tv, I’m hoping to make some more time (or reclaim some time, more accurately) to cook more and spend more time (willingly) at the gym. And read. I do love the reading.

I was in a video recently for my church, which turned out way better than I had thought, and which is why I’m willing to post a link to it here. The church is moving to a new space, so there’s a big push to get the word out. That’s why I’m in a video. Not because I’m just awesomely cool, which is why I’m sure you thought I was in it.

Ooh! How about a little reading update? I don’t think I’ve updated on books in quite a while. Most recently I finished The Unlikely Disciple, which I LOVED. I have a strange fascination with schools like Liberty and Bob Jones, and the archane and detailed code they follow.

I’m about halfway through Shane Claiborne’s Irresistible Revolution, and can’t help but think of a crazy person from college when I read it. And not in a good way. I’ve also just started The Brothers K, and am really enjoying it so far.

I read the whole Twilight series earlier this summer, and man are they addictive. And I totally get why my middle school girls were so into them. Totally. They’re not great literature, and not as good as Harry Potter, but I think they’re worth a read to know what all the hoopla is about. I also saw the first Twilight movie, which sucked. Edward looked like he was going to cry for almost half of it.

Fieldwork has also been read, on the suggestion of Ruth. I’m not usually into mysteries, but I really liked this one. Partly because it features crazy missionaries. I’m a sucker for a book with crazy missionaries in it. And Ruth reads a lot of books, so she knows her stuff.

So yeah, that’s about it for now. I’m hanging out with Jas and Panda tonight on their midwestern tour 2009, so maybe some photos later.



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  1. thanks for posting the link to snack taxis- that's exactly what i've been looking for to transport cloth wipes! yipee!

  2. so ironically we may be getting cable for the first time ever in my life… (oh – except the first year we were married in our lovely basement apartment… but then we didn't pay for it…) but it's all b/c of the apt not cuz of us… or at least that's how i'm justifying it…

  3. The twilight movie does not suck when watching it in the Brew and View in Chicago, full of beer, sticky floors, and 20-40 something women who scream in delight whenever Edward appears.

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