So, new stuff…

I got a new (used) car. It’s small, and blue, and has a moonroof. It’s not quite as zippy as the Jetta, but it also isn’t falling apart. It’s cute, I think, and it’s fun to drive. And it’s a Honda, so hopefully reliable. No, I don’t have pictures…I’ve never really taken pictures of my cars, unless something is or has happened to them, like towing.

Other new stuff…

I’ve learned about geocaching. That’s a weird way to put it I guess, but yeah. I went with a friend this past Saturday, and we found 14 caches, which was awesome. We’d gone once before and looked for just 4 or 5, and only found 2, neither of which were my actual finds. So it was awesome to be the finder on some this weekend.

I also forgot to wear sunscreen that day and got a farmer tan.

More new stuff…

Working. Wait, that’s not new. That’s boring. Except that I’ve spent LOTS of time writing about hunting and fishing. That should make some of you laugh.

Random new stuff…

I replaced my 5/2 programmable thermostat with a 7 day programmable thermostat. It makes a lot more sense for me since my M-W-F schedule is way different than my T-Th schedule. Anyway, I was taking out the old one, and here’s what I found:

Now, I’m no electrician. But somehow it doesn’t seem right to me that you should jam a giant hunk of sticky tack (I know, it’s some electrician’s putty or whatever) into a hole to keep the wires in place. Is it?

Anyway, I replaced it with this beauty, no sticky tack needed:

You know you’re an old boring homeowner when you can admire a thermostat.



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  1. that's one spiffy thermostat… and congrats on the new car… by the way, how do you feel about dogs?

  2. Thx, Sara! I'm not really much into dogs. Are you getting a dog?

  3. nope… i'll explain later…

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