You do not appreciate me!

It was a sad day. I have done nothing but be nice to my car–I change the oil as required, I do all of the recommended maintenance, take it in as soon as the check engine light comes on, put premium gas in it as required by the turbo dealy, and yet it treats me like this…

I was all packed up and headed to the lake, when the engine temperature gauge went crazy, and the little floating buoy light started flashing. It all happened quickly, but I think there was also some dinging.

Long story short, it was towed to the mechanic. And it kind of feels like an abusive relationship. I treat it well, and all I get is crap in return, but I keep it around, and keep coming back. I hate my car, but we’ll see if we can work it out.



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2 responses to “You do not appreciate me!

  1. Did I see you got a new car? I'm so ready to get rid of our VW too. Did you sell yours?

  2. Yep, got a Honda. Planning on selling the VW, but haven't quite yet. It just wasn't worth the money I was constantly putting into it.

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