Yeah, so, no writing lately…for a few reasons. First, it seems a little superfluous. You can be my friend on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, so do I really need to add extra here? Not so much, at least not so that you know what’s going on in my life. Also, the past few weeks have been, well, a time when I’ve not really felt much like writing.

But back to the first reason…I had lunch with my boss today, and he mentioned an article that traced the downfall of blogging to the exponential growth of FB and Twitter…it ma
kes sense. The only reason I can think that someone would still need/want a blog is to write…not necessarily read or be read, but to write. So maybe I’ll keep this up….we’ll see.

So for now…a photo. Me, and new friends from church, Sarah and Michael. Whoo-hoo for friends!

(I look all squinty-eyed because I had been wearing sunglasses all day and took them off for the picture)



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  1. Ohhh nnooooo! Don't stop blogging. I still like reading blogs better than facebook.

  2. i agree with donna… i get a much better sense of you and your life from your blog than from facebook…

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