The last few days/week? have been hectic. But fun. Today was my 2nd interview for a summer internship with an online marketing firm, and tonight they offered me the job! Whoo-hoo. They also asked for a writing sample, so I pointed out my blog…so if you offered me a job today and are reading this, hello, and thanks!!

I also went to Chicago last week to help my dad with the NCA candy show. I started going to candy shows with him when I was about 10. They used to have kids programs, so I would walk the show floor a while to get candy, and then spend the rest of the time at amusement parks and children’s museums. Oh, and taking cabs all by myself in Washington, DC, as a 10-year-old (true story). I would never let my proverbial children do what my dad let us do at those shows.

But Chicago was awesome. I helped to set up the booth, and then helped the marketing folks get some press for the new mascot, Mr. Eiffel Bon Bons.

I even got to BE Mr. Eiffel BonBons, which was fun. Strangely enough, I got to be him at Soldier Field, where I had to ask what teams and/or sports played there. Good times.

I also helped hand out samples and do random other things at the booth, and I managed to get myself some press. First I got into the daily magazine of the show (I have no idea why I look like I’m tipping over…I think I was trying to look like I was hugging Mr. Eiffel Bonbons. I’ve learned my lesson).

The local Chicago news also did a story on the show, and I (or at least my hair) made it to the video.

I also had dinner and beer at the Hopleaf with Grant and Kristin, and then sat out on the pier to enjoy the Chicago skyline. (Sidenote: Heels are most innapropriate footwear for the beach)

I arrived home Friday at about 1 pm, mowed my lawn and procured paint for the summer house painting, and left for Okoboji. And realized, upon arriving in Okoboji, that I had forgotten to feed the cats. DOH! I am eternally grateful for friends from my new church for saving me from discovering kitty carcasses when I came home Monday night.

The lake was awesome, as usual. The boys got a new “park,” and my one nephew helped my brother level it out to add sand. He’s a crazy hard worker, and always wants to talk about work (You workin’? You goin’ to work? What do you do at work? Not now, I’m workin’)

Of course, we also spent some time out on the boat, and I only got slighltly burnt. Quite an accomplishment for my first time out in the sun this season, I think. Oh, and we only let the kids drive part of the time.

So now, 2 more days at home, and then I’m off to California for Annabelle’s baptism. Or christening…I’m not sure if there’s a difference, but I really like the sound of the word “christening.” Busy, but all good stuff.


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