I take back everything I said about this job search being better than the last. It still sucks. I did not get the job I was hoping for, and have heard nada from all the other places I applied.

Other things that happened today:

  • I was supposed to go and observe a couple of hearing evaluations at school, but they got cancelled.
  • So, instead, I decided to go to some rummage sales in town. I got a car seat (for the nephews), and a book about canning (Putting Food By). Pretty decent.
  • I was at Shopko, and saw a woman being detained for shoplifting. It was odd–a female employee was walking the woman toward the office, with a male employee on the other side of her. But, while they were walking, the female employee was asking what seemed like stern questions, but was doing it in a very conversational tone. It didn’t quite fit. She asked the woman if she had shoplifted before as if she was asking her if she’d ever visited the store before…odd.
  • I saw a neighbor lady lead an animal control officer to another neighbor’s house. The animal control lady came out with a cat in a cage. My neighbors are all dog people, to be sure, but I can’t figure out what would make you call animal control on a stray cat. I haven’t ever seen it around the neighborhood before, and it didn’t seem to be bothering anyone. It just seemed mean. Meanwhile, there’s a horrible dog that lives behind me which yaps day and night, and no one seems to care.

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  1. we have an annoying dog in our backyard too… that’s one thing i definitely won’t be sad about leaving…
    sorry about the frustrating job search… want us to pay you to help us move? 🙂

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