I started the job hunt again today. The last job hunt was a long, tiring exercise in self-reflection and doubt. This one is different. As a full-time student who is also seeking a job, I don’t feel nearly the desperation I did the first time. This one is still important, but also a whole lot more fun.

Still un-fun though is paper applications. Seriously…I haven’t used my pencil-holding muscles for years. Regardless, I filled out applications today at temp agencies, a bookstore, a hotel, and then thankfully a few online apps.

Speaking of writing, I saw an old teacher from high school today. He asked me all of the demographic questions about family and jobs, and then he asked me what I was doing with my writing. My writing? He said he remembered me being a very good writer in high school (there are good writers in high school?), and he hoped I was doing something with it.

Um…well…I mumbled an answer about using it in school…but it got me to thinking about it. A friend once suggested I write more as well. So I’m thinking about it, about starting some sort of ongoing writing project to keep myself at it. But I’m not sure what. And I’m taking suggestions. We’ll see what comes of it.


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