Perceptual Mismatch

So, you know how sometimes things just don’t seem to go together? Um, yeah…I think I saw the ultimate in perceptual mismatching today in my intro. to communication disorders class today.

Imagine you were seeing a video of a medical procedure, one where a doctor was paralyzing a vocal cord in order to enable to person to produce better vocal sounds. What kind of music would you imagine?


I don’t really know what this one is all about, buy hey, who wouldn’t pair the Nutracker with a saline nasal flush?




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3 responses to “Perceptual Mismatch

  1. i can’t believe i actually watched your, er… interesting videos… what a pleasant way to start the day! 🙂

  2. Just to clarify, they are not MY videos…I was just lucky enough to get to bring them to you. It’s the crazy ENT who is technically responsible for them. And my professor for introducing them to the class. But I am glad I could provide some bizarre entertainment. 🙂

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