I heard David Plotz, editor of Slate, on the radio again today, discussing his new book, The Good Book. I’ve heard bits and pieces of this piece before, but heard a larger chunk of it today. And it’s good. I guess he had a blog on Slate.com, about reading through the Bible. I found it really interesting, because he contrasts the Sunday School Bible, with what he coins “The Messy Bible.” What I found interesting about it is that he says the Messy Bible is full of doubters, sinners, and otherwise messed up people, along with beauty and war, etc, and he found this surprising.

If you have a chance, you should listen…he has interesting things to say, and is also quite a good speaker. I’ll definitely be picking up the book when either 1) the library gets a copy or 2) the price for the Kindle edition comes down a bit.

In other news, I’m studying for a test, and I’m a bit pissed about it. Only because I’m reading through my notes, having not really understood a whole lot from this section, because the teacher didn’t teach it. Reading the PPT slides out loud is not teaching. And I’m dreading getting a test back tomorrow from another class. That teacher is really good, but I’m afraid I just didn’t spend enough time with the material. It could be the B- dream coming true.


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  1. The latest relevant magazine had an interview with David Plotz…talking about his experience. It was interesting…and most likely can be found at the Relevant website if you want to hear more about it.

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