What’s Going On

Well, I’m still 30. And it’s starting to sound okay. I’ve discovered that most of those things where you check your age go from either 24 or 29-35. So at least I don’t have to change brackets yet.

School is still going pretty well. I have a rough draft of a paper due on Wed., and right now it’s being peer reviewed, which is the stupidest thing in the world. It’s funny, because as a student I see how ridiculous it is to assume that if 2 students read each others’ papers, they will both come away with useful criticism. That’s not usually the case. But, as a teacher, I really like it because I think it gives my students other feedback on their writing, and a chance to see other styles, etc.

But right now I’m a student and think it sucks. Especially when you’re the oldest person in class and have to find a “peer review partner.”

We’re right around midterms, and in the next few weeks I should be in the clear with getting the grades I want. Not that I’ll stop studying, because I find this stuff really interesting, but I’ll maybe worry a little less about it, and about getting into the graduate program. One of my professors suggested to me on Facebook that I list cake decorating as a skill, so we’ll see if that helps.

I’ve been thinking lately that maybe developmental disabilities will be my area of expertise. Of course, that changes every time we start a new unit and talk about something new. But autism has been an interest of mine for a while, and is just really fascinating.

I’m also doing some observations this week which should illuminate things a bit further. Tomorrow morning I’m going to an elementary school, next week a hospital and school for children, and hopefully after that one of the local hospitals. I’m really excited to see what SLP looks like in those different settings.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything as interesting as the larynx to share tonight. We’re mostly talking about articulators, particularly muscles of the face and tongue. Today we also talked about the soft palate, and the hangy ball in the back of your throat (the uvula). When we started talking about it I turned to the guy next to me and asked him if he watched Full House. He said no, but that he was aware of what it was…guess we’re of a different generation. I had to explain to him that if you listened to Full House, you’d know that that is where you keep your courage. Come on people, you know what I’m talking about.


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  1. I totally get your full house reference…and when I too have gotten blank stares when I bring it into a conversation. I think more people know about it then want to admit.

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