I should be writing a research paper right now. It’s an interesting topic, and I like to write, but getting started is always the hardest for me. It just requires so much….immersion. So instead, here are pictures I meant to post but couldn’t because of a dead camera battery and an awol battery charger. Oh, and the cake I made for my nephew’s b-day party tonight (another reason to get the paper done).

Bob, sans clothing

Bob, all dressed.

Bird taggie blanket for my goddaughter

Elephants taggie blanket for my goddaughter

Old gift card holder

New gift card holder!

New gift card holder, again!

You can see the birthday cake I made for me and Donna, along with my goddaughter and the taggie, over at Donna’s blog.

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  1. A few thoughts, Bridget…do you ever watch Ace of Cakes?? You are so headed in that direction and when you get there, can I be one of your weird friends that work for you? I could be the office manager. I do have a business degree from Dordt, you know 🙂Second, are you familiar with ? I think you’d like it. Check it out. I just got a custom made purse/diaper bag that I’m loving, through

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