***I’m annoyed. Again. I wrote this post earlier today, but didn’t post it because I realized I hadn’t yet downloaded the photos I wanted, because my camera battery was dead. Tonight I realized that I can’t find the battery charger…I think I may have left it in Turks and Caicos over Christmas. No idea where it is….so here is the post, sans pictures)***

I’m sitting at the car place right now, and I have to say I’m a little pissed. I was here last week because my car wasn’t wanting to start. I could still make it, but only with coaxing, and only if I used it at least once a day. So I was afraid if I let it sit at the airport when I’m in CA, I’d come home to a completely dead car.

Well, after all was said and done, it was $180 for a new battery. (Gulp) And then the check engine light came on. Oh, how I despise thee, check engine light. So I’m back today (grateful to have the free time at least), and the air intake sensor needs to be replaced for $250. Argh! I like oil changes–it makes me feel responsible, but these stupid things make me crazy. And my car seems to have a lot of them.

So I’m pissed, but I’m going to try to talk about other things. Like craftiness. This weekend I was crafty. I made a few presents for my goddaughter, which I will post after I give them to her. I don’t know that she, at 5 months or so, reads blogs…but just in case I’ll wait until after I get home from CA. Which I’m incredibly excited about!

One thing I did make was this:

(It’s a fabric envelope–a white/green/purple print, pictured at the very left of this photo. It has a small green button on it, a little darker than the green of the fabric, and a velcro closure.)

It’s a fabric envelope, which I’m using for gift cards in my purse. My dad gives us gift cards each Christmas as our gift, and thus far there hasn’t been a good way to keep them handy.

Here is my former gift card holder:

(Picture a crumpled, worn out ziploc bag with a big rip down one side)

You can see that either it gets holes in the corners, or it’s hanging wide open, and either way the gift cards still end up all over and you end up standing in line in front of 10 angry people, wading your way through receipts and purse lint to find them.

Also, I am still not watching TV, and it’s just become, well, kind of boring…Alas, I will continue. It really can’t be hurting me.


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