The Dreaded B Minus

I had a dream the other night that I got a B- on a test. And then I passed out, because I was devastated.

So far I haven’t recieved a B- on anything, but I found out today that it really wouldn’t be overreacting to pass out if I do. You see, I found out today that 120 people applied to get into about 15-20 slots in the MA program I am planning to apply to. 120 people….15 or 20 slots. I suck at math, but I know those are not super odds.

I don’t really have a backup plan or school here, people, so this is scary news. I met with my advisor today to discuss which classes I’ll take next semester, and asked her what I could do to improve my odds, and she said just getting good grades. And that my GPA from undergrad. and grad. school the first time will help, but sheesh…And I thought taking the GRE again was just a formality. Apparently not so.

Thankfully I have been applying myself thus far, and this is a good kick in the pants to keep doing so. Yikes.

On a lighter note, here are the classes I’ll take next semester: Phonetics, Language Development, Introduction to Audiology, Clinical Methods for Communication Disorders, and American Sign Language I. Should be fun!


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