I was going to wait to take pictures until the furniture was put back, but I want to let the paint dry totally before I do that. So here is the weekend project.



After again. (I think this is a better representation of the color than the above)

And now I have to decide if I should paint the entryway pink wallpaper too…It may have been easier to do it all at once, but the entryway has another wall (unseen in this picture, but to the right) that is very tall and would require the high ladder. The high ladder requires two people to haul it in from the garage and maneuver it through the doorways.

So, any opinions? Keep or paint over the pink entryway?



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3 responses to “Post-Painting

  1. looks good! so i’m curious – did painting over the wallpaper work well?is the entry area the last of the pink in the house?

  2. Death to pink. Paint it. If I lived nearby, I’d totally help you with the ladder.

  3. I say paint over the pink- it’s such a pretty shade of yellow!

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