I was messing around with PhotoBooth tonight, and realized after taking a few photos that the T-shirt I’m wearing is the dorm t-shirt from my freshman year at Dordt–East Hall 97-98. I’m not sure why I bought the t-shirt, as I spent very little time there, and moved after 1 semester, but I have to say that it’s one fine t-shirt to have lasted 11-12 years.



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5 responses to “Random

  1. I’m jealous- I don’t remember there being t-shirts!

  2. According to the back of the t-shirt, this one was only for 1st south. 🙂 It was the wing of girls brushing their teeth naked (why?), and popping each other’s zits (ew). Guess you missed out!

  3. Oh. We had shirts, Donna. Ours were designed by…I don’t remember…she was a larger, token African American girl at Dordt that left after that 1st semester. And I think it said ARMY on the front with some drawing on the back. Weird.

  4. Oh- ARMY!!!! I totally remember those now 🙂

  5. But have they lasted since the 1997-1998 school year? 🙂

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