Day 2

It is day 2 of once again being a student. And what a day it has been. Good, mostly.

My professors are all pretty cool, and I think (think) my feeling of imminent demise due to my hearing science may have been premature. The professor doesn’t seem too disturbed that I haven’t taken the prerequisite, and when I asked if there was anything more I could do to be prepared, she said I should come and see her often. That’s pretty cool…she seems very into helping students.

In my speech science class we played with play-dough to practice orientation and planes of the body. That was pretty fun, and it meant that I got to talk to a few people. I am definitely still an outlier though, as I was the only person without a partner for the play dough activity. I ended up working with 1/3 of a threesome, and it worked out well.

It turns out all of my classes have 40-50 students in them, which surprised me. Some of the other students said this is abnormal, but who knows.

I’m still trying to master the campus…finding my way without a map is not my strong suit. And, there is a vast shortage of microwaves on campus for commuter students. So far I’ve found only 1, on the opposite end of campus from all of my classes. It may have to be sandwiches and cold items for lunch from now on.

Oh, and apparently I can also not read my schedule. I found the room for my hearing science class, and sat down in the front row. I was the first one there, but people trickled in. Something didn’t feel right though. For one thing, there were too many guys. DCOM (Comm. Disorders) is almost all women, and while I sat there waiting, 3 guys came in. Then, a girl sat down next to me and pulled out a political science booklet. We figured out I was an hour early for my class. Oh well, better early than late. I think I’ll have it down by Monday.

And as much as being at class an hour away by 8 am sucks, the parking was great.


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