There was an old lady who…

So I just finished my first day of class. It was great, and fun, and weird. I sort of forgot that I needed a binder and paper until last night, so I made the trek out into the subzero to OfficeMax, and stumped the 19 year old working there when I asked for loose leaf paper. He looked at me, said “loose leaf paper?” as if I had just asked him where they kept the helper monkeys, and then mumbled into his walkie talkie “Do we have, um, loose leaf paper or something?” Of course they did…but then I found it for half-price at Target.

I got my binder together, and was deciding on what bag to make my school bag. Not really a big deal, but I do love all the accoutrements that go with school. I couldn’t decide between a messenger bag, or a backpack. A messenger seems more my age, and professional, but in the end the backpack won because all of my books will fit into it, and the messenger will likely remain stuffed with work stuff since I’m still doing that part-time.

Arriving early, I searched for a parking spot. I had a moment of joy earlier this week when I got my shiny new parking pass in the mail…like I said, it’s all about the accoutrements. I easily found a spot, and had a few minutes to explore…so I found my new favorite place on campus–the library. It’s three floors! And they’re divided up into group work, quiet, and silent. How cool is that? But walking into the library was weird…somehow the camel-colored wool pea coat I was wearing felt out of place with a backpack, and I was sure everyone was staring and thinking I didn’t belong there.

And for sure when I got to the classroom. I knew I would be older than most people there…but I didn’t think I would feel that old. I did. And some of the other students were really, genuinely staring at me. I first thought I was being paranoid, but no, as soon as I would look around I saw eyes averting their gaze. Weird! Seriously, I’m not that old. I was also shocked when someone’s phone vibrated during class, and instead of turning it off, the girl checked who was calling. WHAT? Seriously…

So I felt more of an affinity with the professor, and tried to keep my eyes on her. It was weird, I felt more empathy about it being her first day of class in front of all these students than I did empathy for my classmates. I laughed at her jokes and had an almost irrepresible urge to help her pass out papers. I did restrain myself, you’ll be happy to note.

It was the standard go over the syllabus first class, and the class itself looks very interesting. We’ll be observing SLPs and audiologists, which looks cool. And she’ll drop the lowest quiz and test score, so I’m hoping this will be a high grade without a ton of effort, since my other classes will require everything I have. The weirdest part of class though was at the end. She must have made a vague reference to class being almost over (I didn’t catch it), and while she was still talking, mid-sentence, students starting (loudly) putting on their coats, putting their pens and books, etc. away. I was really quite shocked! My college kids didn’t do that…is that a result of a public school upbringing? (Kidding)

So school is awesome. The only dilemma I have now is this…is it cool, or strange, to friend your professors on Facebook, and does the answer change depending on your age?


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  1. ‘helper monkeys’- you make me laugh. Can’t wait to hear more about how school goes! And no, you definitely don’t look old 🙂

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