More on Advent

Tonight was our extended family Christmas party. And since I found out last week that my sister-in-law is pregnant (yay!), I decided to ask my nephew about it. I said “So, what’s in mommy’s tummy?” His answer? “Baby Jesus!”

So, you heard it here folks. Christ is coming again, and is due sometime next July. We are not sure yet if it’s a boy or a girl.

(If you are not familiar with the word sputton, now might be a good time to google it)



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2 responses to “More on Advent

  1. Hey Bridget,I did indeed have to google sputton. I found this as my first hit: It even references northwest iowa….that’s just scary!

  2. by the way – not sure how this works, but benjamin was just jesus at church on sunday… can there be multiple 2nd comings??? (he was a bit old, squirmy, and blond for jesus, but i guess he was the best they could find… ironically his cousin was john the baptist at his church…)

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