A Job Well Done

So, dealing with my admissions counselor has been a royal pain in the butt. He called me last week while I was on my flight to CA to tell me that he needed transcripts from 2 classes I took one summer during college. Oh, and he needed them the following Monday, despite the fact that it was a holiday. Right, like that’s going to happen. So I spent way too much energy figuring out how a plan, and then executing the plan. I faxed a request from CA, followed up by phone and e-mail, etc. etc. And still it didn’t happen. His response? Oh, well, okay, you can still register. WHAT? I thought this was a necessary step before registration? He pulled the same crap with the placement test…

All this to say that my expectations of personnel at the university were extremely low when I went to register this week. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I had an advising appointment which I thought would be useless…I was planning on having to explain why I don’t need to take freshman English, etc. But, the advisor was way ahead of me. Not only did she know my situation, but she went above and beyond to ask if I could take one course out of order so that I can enter the MA program next spring, and save 2 semesters overall. I had asked about this myself and was told absolutely not, but she went to bat for me (without me even asking), and made it happen. Rock on.

My admissions counselor had also said we could go and get our pictures taken for IDs. So I walked across campus to do this, and the office was closed (way to go, admissions counselor). But, again, someone who was super nice. This lady said that even though the system wouldn’t work, she’d take my picture and mail me my ID. I got it in the mail today!

I love people who go above and beyond–thank you advisor and ID lady!


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