Feeling Crafty

Every once in the while I get the urge to be crafty. It often ends up in a massively screwed-up project, but lately I’ve been able to actually finish a couple of things, and like the results.

The first was changing out all the hardware on the dressers in my bathroom. You may wonder why I have dressers in my bathroom…well, as I’ve said before, the lady I bought my house from was crazy, and there is really no explanation for a lot of it. This isn’t terribly hard to understand though–one was used for the sink, and the other is just storage. But, I’ve never been thrilled about the hardware on them, so last week when we were in Minneapolis I bought some new hardware, and put it on last weekend.



I also have been looking around for a new camera strap, as the one that came with the camera is itchy and generally uncomfortable. Then, I found this tutorial for making a slipcover for the strap.

So I headed off to the fabric store, and came home with a deal–all the fabric you see below (2-3 yards of each) for $20!!! The light green/purple one is even upholstery fabric.

Since my camera is black, I decided the red and black print would look good as a camera strap slipcover.

Here’s how it turned out on its own:

And here it is in use (thanks to PhotoBooth)

It turned out pretty decent, I think. It’s a little tighter on the camera strap than I thought it would be, but I think it’s going to work.


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  1. Very inspiring! I just might have to make a trip to the fabric store myself soon!

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