Books and Baby Names

First, a short rant. People, what is with sticking a “y” or two in every single baby name? Seriously, the letter “i” isn’t good enough anymore? Too old fashioned? I’ve been checking a hospital baby roll today, waiting for the appearance of a colleague’s baby, and every time I check it, I’m annoyed by all the names with random “y”s. Here’s just a short list of the ugly “y” names from the last few days of babies:


And there is one poor little baby girl whose name is Peterline. The worst part? Her father’s name is Peter. I know, it’s not a “y” name, but that poor, poor child.

So I’m not finished yet with Acedia and Me, but it’s not really been a very good before you go to bed kind of book. It’s more of a middle of the day book, and I don’t really have much time to read in the middle of the day. So I’m thinking I might save it for the plane at Thanksgiving.

I did read Bound by Sally Gunning and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best-written book I’ve ever read, but it was a page turner. It’s about indentured servitude, and little did I know Toni Morrison also recently wrote A Mercy, on the same topic. I’m on the wait list at the library for that one.

Right now I’m reading The God of War, which I heard about on NPR. I’m probably about halfway through, and am really enjoying it. I’ve realized over the past years that I usually pick books with female narrators, but this is an exception. The main character is a young man, I believe somewhere around 6th grade. He has a brother who has some sort of developmental disability, and a permissive mother. I’m not finished with it, but it’s promising.

My holds list at the library still includes Jhumpa Lahiri’s newest collection of short stories, Unaccustomed Earth. I’m hoping I might also have it for the Thanksgiving plane ride. 3 and half hours from MSP to SJC gives you a lot of reading time. Which reminds me, is anyone else coveting a Kindle? I first saw it on Lois Lowry’s blog, and I love it. So many books in one small space! This would make packing for vacation so much easier and lighter. I would never again be over the pound limit on my luggage because I had to bring 5 or 6 books for the week. I’m sure there are flaws and it might be better to wait for 2.0, but wow, it’s awesome.

Oh, and one more thing I’m enjoying–JJ Heller. I downloaded her album for free, I think from Jeff’s blog, and I love it too.



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4 responses to “Books and Baby Names

  1. Me too! I really liked The Namesake. I’m not always a fan of short story collections–sometimes they feel too disjointed.What did you think of The Unaccustomed Earth, Ruth?

  2. I like short story collections, and I own several that I often reread bits of. I loved The Unaccustomed Earth but I think The Namesake might be even better. Her work is about my very favorite subject, cultural confusion.

  3. I like also to read short stories but I want to name my child not from those books that I read..I want to think for the great name for him/her.

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