Election Day!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–I love election day! I love the excitement of it, and really wish it were a day off of work. If it wasn’t on a Tuesday night, I’d love to have a big election party with cocktails and…well, cocktails.

But, I have to say, the voting experience in SD is somewhat lacking. I wrote about it on primary day too, but until I started listening to the results tonight, it just didn’t put me in a festive mood.

When I live in Iowa, voting happened in a real voting booth. You walked up to the voting machine and pulled the curtain, and felt very much like the great and powerful Oz. You had levels to pull, curtains to open and close, and it very much felt like an event.

When I lived in North Carolina, there was a line to stand in. I’m not usually much for lines, the the comaraderie was very cool. People were lobbying across the street, and I think we voted electronically. Again, it was an event. And both Iowa and North Carolina gave out “I voted!” stickers.

But voting here was not so much the same…There was a small sign that said “polling place” outside, not even as large as a realtor’s sign. There were no lobbyists, only old ladies checking names and IDs. The most disappointing part is the paper ballot. Basically you get a clipboard, go into a pseudo desk cubicle, and fill in bubbles like you’re taking the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills instead of voting for the president. Oh, and no stickers.

So although I still love election day, election day in SD leaves something to be desired. Maybe next year I’ll hand out my own stickers.

PS–When I lived in CA, I voted absentee…lest you think I neglected my voting duties.

PSS–One of my coworkers has never voted, and she’s nearly my age. For shame!


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