I’m pleased to announce…

So I thought that being accepted to an undergraduate program would be somewhat of a formality, and indeed it turned out to be so. I got my acceptance letter in the mail today, along with a USD Coyotes (what a mascot…) car static sticker, and a certificate of acceptance.

A certificate of acceptance? I don’t think I got one of these the first time I went to college…is this the new thing? Do people really hang these somewhere? It seems kind of sad to think of a high school kid somewhere with a bunch of these pinned up around his room.

Anyway, everything is rolling for me to start classes in the spring. I actually was notified of my acceptance by my admissions counselor Chris earlier this week in an e-mail. Last night I filled out the FAFSA (probably in vain), and today I sent in my deposit.

I’m afraid that going back as an undergrad. is going to make me an annoying non-traditional student who needs to tell everyone she’s already graduated from college once, and grad. school once. But the school also seems confused about my status. Here’s the letter they sent:

Notice how the checkmark for status is on a line next to nothing? I’m not a freshman, not a transfer…just….there, I guess. I found that odd.

Going back to school has also affected me in some other strange ways. Like hoarding…every time I go shopping now for groceries or household items, and find a good deal, I feel like I should stock up while I’m still getting a paycheck. I try to estimate how much toothpaste I’ll need for 3 years, or how many bags of $1 frozen peas I should buy…now that I have a deep freeze stocking enough food for three years seems more reasonable.

I also cancelled my gym membership and paper delivery, but the one thing I can’t bring myself to cancel is cable. Sure, I was an English major, and a teacher, which would make you think I should be against the television, but I’m not. Maybe it’s because we always had cable growing up…I don’t know. It may be on the delete list when I figure out what kind of part-time job I can get. We’ll have to see!

In about a month I go to transfer registration, and I’m sure I’ll have lots more to share! For now, you can congratulate me on being accepted to college. 🙂



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5 responses to “I’m pleased to announce…

  1. Amy

    Congratulations on your acceptance! Thought my < HREF="http://www.cancelcable.com" REL="nofollow">CancelCable.com<> site might makeit a little easier for you to cancel cable.It’s not as hard as you think. We did it and now watch everything using Netflix, Hulu and Itunes.

  2. Tricia S.

    what are you going back to school to study?

  3. Interesting thoughts on cable…not sure yet though.Tricia–I’m going to be studying speech and language pathology. It’ll be a few semesters of prerequisites (hence the undergrad. admissions), and then an MA program. Kind of a long road, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

  4. dan’s in the same boat – someone with a masters degree going back to school and taking classes with freshman! he has lots of good stories to tell though …

  5. Crystal, I’m going to have to meet this Dan sometime!

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