Some bullet points

Nothing coherent tonight, but here are some bullet points:

  • I am officially disillusioned with Obama. I’d like to still think he’s a little better than the rest, but he’s pretty darn close to being just like all the other politicians. Maybe Nader should get a better chance next time around.
  • I drove around most of rural SE SD today, and one school I stopped at was having Spirit Week. There was a poster in the hall of all the spirit days, and one caught my eye–“Cowboys and Indians Day.” For real. And the description under the day was hilarious–“Remember the game Cowboys and Indians? We dress like them.”
  • I spent at least an hour and a half tonight picking up sticks from my front yard. More like twigs, mostly. Do you know how boring and irritating it is to pick up thousands of twigs from inbetween rocks and grass and plants? Grrr. It also tore up my hands. I should’ve known I’m more of a townhouse/condo girl. I need to find a neighbor kid to be a stick picker-upper. I’ve probably scared all the kids off though. A few weeks back someone rang my doorbell, and I knew it was one of the neighbor kids because they had been playing outside. So I outsmarted them. I knew they would come back to look if I went outside or to do it again, so I stood by my front door. As the little girl from next door came whipping around the corner, I was standing right there. I opened the door and asked her if she needed anything, and she said no. I asked if she had rung the doorbell, and of course she said no. I think the teacher voice/look worked because she hasn’t been back since.
  • I am not buying any Halloween candy this year. Last year my hopes and dreams for handing out Halloween candy were dashed when only 1 little kid came by. Never again. This year it’s dark and blinds for anyone who tries it.

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  1. we’ve left our outside lights off for the last few years on halloween but kids still come… luckily i’ve still had candy on hand just in case… i hate halloween… you can call me the halloween grinch…

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