If my cat would stop licking my computer, I’d like to write and tell you about class. (Kitties must like the MacBook Pro too!)

Class is awesome. Basically, teaching college kids rocks. At least upper level ones who are interested in your class and what you are teaching. I’ve never taught a required class (or any other college class before), but I’d imagine it’s different.

These kids (can I call them that?) are awesome to teach. Seriously, I think that this is what I was trying to do the whole time I was teaching middle school. In thinking about that, I’ve realized that I was almost always disappointed with the outcome of what I’d planned with my middle schoolers. I’ve been planning the same types of activities with college kids, and it works. Maybe I was expecting too much from 7th and 8th graders.

Oh, and these guys are actually interested in the topic for something other than a grade. I had 2 girls (there is only one guy in the class) come up to talk with me about topics during our breaks last week. That NEVER would have happened in middle school. Here I get to share stories and outside resources with the students, and they’re interested.

These guys are also polite. Last week a girl was eating chips in class and I asked her to stop. She came up and apologized after class. This week a girl had her cell phone ring in class, and the guy (the only one) was late, and both of them came up to apologize after class. Amazing…that definitely doesn’t happen in middle school. In middle school you’re lucky they’re not farting on purpose during class.

Enough oohing and aahing over my college kids. Let’s just say I love ’em.


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