So, more things…

I started teaching my class last night, and I was really quite pleased with how it went. I was kind of freaking out before it started, especially with a pile of copying to do and a copy machine that is also a printer, which meant my piles of copies were obscuring real professors’ printouts. Not a good first impression.

Anyway, the kids (can I call them that?) seem cool. I’ve got eight girls and one guy, and so far all of them seem to want to be there, at least nominally. That’s already an improvement from middle school. I did find myself saying things to them that only really apply if they’re 12. Like I handed out post-it notes for an activity, and as I was giving them to the groups, I was saying “Please do not do anything with the post-it notes until I tell you to.” I’m pretty sure now that wasn’t necessary.

Preparing for my class was pretty much the bulk of my Labor Day weekend. I did get a chance to hang out with Ang and Ryan and child, so that was awesome too. Tonight I watched the last episode of The Wire. Awesome.

Random thought for today–although the threat of winter is an awful thought, cooler September weather is nice for mowing lawn.


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