So, things…

Things are starting, and it’s freaking me out. I’ll be teaching a college class for the first time this semester, and it’s a little terrifying. I was wondering why I was having the beginning of the year teaching nightmares, and recently realized this is why. My brain was just mixed up and put middle-schoolers in the dreams instead of college students.

I’m also totally excited. So if any of my students are googling me and find this, know that I am totally excited and will be over the fear soon enough.

It was also an exciting day on the lake…a bunch of the family was out on the boat, and it was really hot. It might gross you out, but it was the hot kind of day where you sweat through your swimming suit in the most inopportune places. So we stopped to swim, which when well for a while. I dove in, and even got to swim with my nephew for a few minutes before he freaked out. My sister-in-law was about to jump in when she dropped the ladder on her foot and sliced her toe open.

I’m not sure if it’s a well-known fact, but I’m not good with other people’s blood, and wow, was there blood. It turns out the ladder sliced her toe right down the top, basically severing it into two parts. And the whole time this was going on, I was in the water, right below the back of the boat and the toe-blood. The poor girl was also in so much pain (and probably in shock) that she was coming in and out of consciousness. Let’s just say it was an ordeal to get back to the house and up the stairs from the dock. My job, after getting back on the boat through the blood pool, was to keep my nephew from not freaking out because his mom was bleeding.

Anyway, she’s okay, and doesn’t need a prosethetic toe, as one of my brothers was joking. I have to say it did turn my stomach in knots though.

And now, more of Season 5 of The Wire. It’s so good.


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