Blog, schmog…

So I’m still not sure I have much to say, so here’s some random stuff that you may or may not be interested to know. And yes, this is the best I can come up with right now.

1) I have been craving mojitos all week. Guava mojitos, to be exact.

2) I am so not down with the bounce house my neighbors are putting up, undoubtedly for one of the ankle biters’ birthdays. The kids play in the street too much. Get a backyard.

3) Have I mentioned how addicted I am to “The Wire”? Seriously. I finished season 4 last night, and I’m not sure I can wait until August for season 5.

4) I don’t think I mentioned this when I first wrote about seeing Kathleen Norris. But it’s stuck with me–she left. She no longer lives in South Dakota. She moved back to Hawaii, and abandoned the prairie, her roots, etc. So now when I think about how lame it can be to say you live in South Dakota, I can’t think in my mind “yeah, well at least Kathleen Norris lives here too.”

5) The Sioux Falls Humane Society has kickass cat/music combinations on their adoption videos. Check them out.

6) PhotoBooth is too much fun!



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3 responses to “Blog, schmog…

  1. Kathleen Norris lives in Hawaii now?! I feel so betrayed.

  2. Anonymous

    bridget! i’m drinking guava mojitos as i write! so odd that i just read about them on your blog as i’m drinking them. and by them, i mean…more than one. 🙂 kristin

  3. I drank them too last weekend!

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