O, Blogosphere!

There hasn’t been much blogging lately…I’ve mostly been focused on a job opportunity, and felt weird writing about it while it was going on. It’s past now…the position was offered, I declined. I can’t adequately explain why, except to say that it was my intuition and a lack of peace, which seems to be one of the few ways I can really say I heard God’s voice.

That whole process stressed me out quite a bit, thinking about another possible move, selling a house I love, etc. etc. Now that it’s over, I am totally appreciating where I am again. This afternoon I sat on the back patio with a book and a drink, basking in the sun. I’ve said it many times, but I wish humans could do photosynthesis. I know there’s that whole thing about Vitamin D, or is it K, but it would be nice to store up the energy sunshine brings after a cold, dark winter.

Since I’m not thinking about work, this weekend gave me time to do other things. I went to Ang and Ryan’s b-day party for their little girl, gifting her with a “pasta plate.” Remember when you stapled together paper plates and put beans inside to make a shaker? Same idea. It’s still a loud, obnoxious toy, but I’m hoping the payback isn’t quite so venomous.

I also finished sewing some cloth napkins I’d started on last weekend. I decided to reduce my paper towel use, and found some cotton fabric remnants that I really like. I’m not so into the details of sewing like measuring or pinning, so they’re slightly haphazard, but functional. Pictures to come sometime soon.

As you all can tell, the list of books on the blog is pretty useless, so instead I’ll just tell you what I’m reading. Tonight I finished Foreskin’s Lament, a memoir by Shalom Auslander. I heard him first on This American Life, and wanted to read more. I really enjoyed his memoir, bitter and tormented as it is. His Jewish upbringing seems like a much exaggerated parallel to growing up in the biodome of N’west Iowa.



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2 responses to “O, Blogosphere!

  1. I just realized it kind of looks like we’re christening the baby doll. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s not what’s going on.

  2. I tagged you for a meme. This must be the luck you were waiting for! 🙂

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