The Big Give

Has anyone else seen Oprah’s Big Give? I have to say, I’ve only watched the first episode in its entirety. I do TiVo the Oprah show every day though, and she’s spent a fair amount of time recapping the episodes, and talking with the “losers.” Though these segments aren’t as annoying as her constant yapping about the New Earth, I can’t say I care for it.

I love shows like Extreme Home Makeover, but for some reason The Big Give makes me kind of angry. I think it’s supposed to be a show about generosity, and giving back, but from what I’ve seen it seems more like a sales and marketing competition. The contestants run around, piling up more and more money, hoping to give away the most. Although some weight is given to what people need, the contestants seem to be judged on how much they give, not what they give and why.

Like I said, I’ve only seen one whole episode, so maybe I’m missing something. But to me, it looks like an exercise in being the best money hustler, and the giving is sort of a by-product of the amassing of cash. That just doesn’t sit right.


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