Kinda like a funny kid story

I realize that my blog was much more entertaining when I was teaching, and the funny kid stories were abundant. Tonight, I have something I’m calling a funny kid story, though I’m making no promises.

I’ve been working with an applicant who is, well, different. When I met with him he told me he listened to a Prairie Home Companion, and collected stamps, not postage. Of course, I listed to a Prairie Home Companion, but I’m years older than he is…at least a few.

So today he sent me some questions about life in the program I recruit for. 5 pages of questions. Seriously. They were organized into categories, and a few made me laugh. As background, the program is a residential program. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Can I bring my fanny pack to wear?
  • How hot does the water get?
  • Can I keep a garden/plants?
  • Will I be able to see/hear wild animals (birds, squirrels, odd dear?)
  • Can I bring/order my own crafts?

These are only a few select questions…the entire five pages would be a bit too much.


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