Signs of….spring?

There are things I am good at, and things I am decidedly not good at. You could put all things mechanical and numerical on the “not good at” side, and this weekend consisted mostly of those items, and my attempts to overcome or bypass them.

One thing I feel pretty good at is computer stuff. I can tackle most everyday tasks, and an occasional challenge, but there is one nemesis. Formulas in Excel. For a few months I’ve been doing a written budget, and I have never been satisfied with a method of writing out my goals, and then having a good way of keeping track of how much is spent, and how much then left in each category. Of course I don’t want to have to add it up myself, so I’ve wanted a program or spreadsheet, but one customized to how I do my budget. The only answer seemed to be to customize a spreadsheet myself.

I am ashamed to say it, but it took me almost 3 hours Saturday morning to get it all figured out, and probably 45 minutes of that was finding errors in the formulas…ick.

Slightly (slightly…) more exciting was figuring out how to take care of my lawn this year. Last year my parents had hired someone to mow before I moved, and so when I moved we kept that up. This year, I’ve been thinking that I really don’t want to spend the money on that. However, I have never used a lawnmower before, and it falls under the “mechanical” category. I’m pretty sure I would mix up the gas and the oil, or break part of it off, or cut off my foot or something equally gruesome. So instead, I have decided to buy a push reel mower. The picture’s of the little German model I ordered. Somehow I trust the Germans to know how to do something as orderly as mow a lawn.

Thinking about buying a mower had me thinking about spring. Today was kind of warm, at least warm enough that I shed my coat in between stores while running errands. Considering the day’s warmth, it seemed like it would be a nice evening for a walk. I went out to walk the neighborhood, hoping to peek in the neighbor’s illuminated windows, but it was ridiculously cold. Now that I look down at the weather in my browser, I see that it’s 36 degrees and cloudy. I had no idea it was that cold….36 is definitely not walking weather.



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4 responses to “Signs of….spring?

  1. Brr! It certainly isn’t!

  2. Anonymous

    now that’s an expensive-ass reel mower. i had to look it up b/c i love reel mowers. they call your mower the “mercedes” of reel mowers and they call mine the “workhorse”. i can’t wait until i have my mid-life crisis so i can buy the “babe magnet” of reel mowers.john

  3. John, I had no idea you used a reel mower! I totally would’ve asked for advice. I didn’t know too much about them, so I figured that German and high-priced must be pretty good. Marketers love me.Actually, I thought you cut your grass by scissors…am I making that up?

  4. Anonymous

    i am a proud owner of a “scott’s classic” reel mower. people always stop and stare when i’m mowing the front. the thing with these mowers is that you can never let your grass get very high, otherwise it is difficult to push through. also, you’ll have go over each swip two to three times to get it even. i’m jealous of yours b/c it has been made to be aero-dynamic. scissors?-give me a break!

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